House Rulez – Magic Television

Up until recently, there has been only one electronic medium for distributing music. With the advent of the App Store, there have been a variety of artists that have experimented with Apps that bring their music out in a more dramatic way.  House Rulez – Magic Television for iPhone is an app that brings lyrics, music and visual aids to help portray the music as the artist originally intended.

When you open up the app the music starts playing from the first track of the album. You’ll see a splash screen and then once you touch the screen again you’ll be taken to the main menu. There a variety of options, including viewing the lyrics for the song that is currently playing.

If you choose to go and view the song you’ll not only hear the music but also see some colorful animations that are set to the music as well. At the bottom of the screen are some basic playback controls that allow you to stop, pause, play and navigate through the tracks in either direction. You can also navigate tracks from this screen by swiping across the screen with your finger.

The music that is in this app has been produced by a variety   internationally famous artists. If you’re really into techno music there is a chance that you might really like the music in this app. Unfortunately, I was unable to really get a feel for what most of the songs were about because there was no English translation of the lyrics included.

To sum it all up, if you really like techno this app is functional and it includes a few exclusive tracks as well. At just $3.99 you’re certainly not going to find this much music this cheap in the iTunes Music Store! While I’m not a big fan of having music that I can’t just include in my iTunes library this app will certainly find its market at such a great price point.

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