Whether you are working with top secret documents, or you just want to keep sales figures or private files safe, iDiscrete is an extremely useful app! The basic idea of iDiscrete is that most people will not even know what it is when they see it. You actually access the app by entering in a code using the hidden buttons on the “loading” screen.

When you open up iDiscrete for the first time it tells you that you should read the tutorial information under the “settings” area of the app. While the information there is good, I didn’t really need most of it to figure the app out myself.

The first thing you’ll want to do when you open the app is set the security settings by touching the “Settings” button in the upper right corner and then touching “Protection Settings.” Once you enable protection you’ll need to set up your “Touch Sequence,” how long the app gives you to enter it and a “Reset Code.”

Once you have set up your security options when you open the app you’ll be greeted by a “Loading” screen. It’s at this screen that you enter in your “Touch Sequence” to open up the actual app. If you don’t enter the sequence in the time limit that you selected you’ll be taken to a screen titled “My Notes.” If for some reason you forget or cannot get your touch sequence to work all you have to do to reset your security settings is enter in the “Reset Code” that you have into the text box on this page.

The interface of the app itself is much like other file sharing apps that I have seen in the past. By default you have three different folders: “Images,” “Video,” and “Text.” You can modify these folders or add files or folders to the main folder by touching the button in the upper left corner.

Adding pictures and video can be done from the media in your camera roll, or you can also upload media from your computer via a simple web browser interface. You can also upload a variety of different types of documents to the app as well. The app supports all the formats you would expect from PDF and DOC files to just plain text. Unfortunately the only types of documents that you can edit within this app are paling text files.

The speed and ease of use are what really separate iDiscrete from a lot of other apps like it. It’s creative use of a “Loading” screen to log in to the app will also keep a lot of people from even attempting to gain access to this app. It also helps make logging into the app much quicker that other more traditional methods, as you’ll see in the embedded video below.

Whether you have personal reasons for keeping certain things safe on your phone, or you have professional interest in documents that you need to have on you all of the time, iDiscrete is a great solution! That, coupled with the fact that it’s available for just $1.99 will make this app a real must have for a lot of people. So what are you waiting for? Check out iDiscrete today and start protecting your documents!

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