Whether you spend a lot of time in the bar, or you just want a few nifty tricks to show your friends, iDrink4Free is a very interesting app. The basic idea is that it has a variety of “parlor tricks” that you can perform to trick people into buying you a drink.

The “Home” screen of this app is a list of all of the available tricks. Each  trick shows up in the list with it’s title, and the beginning of its “ITEMS NEEDED” list. Once you find a trick that you think might be interesting all you have to do is touch it. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can read exactly how to perform the trick.

In the upper right corner of each trick, you’ll see a “+” button that will allow you to add it to your “favorites” list. Just below that button are buttons for sharing the trick with your friends via facebook/email, or for sharing where on the map you were when you successfully used the trick!

The menu at the bottom of the screen has two other options. You can choose to view a “Random” trick, or view your list of “Favorites!” Not only can you view your list of favorites though, you can actually manage it from this screen as well. To delete items off of this list all you have to do is swipe the one you want to remove to the right and then touch the “Delete” button that appears.

There is a decent amount of variety in the tricks in this app. Some of them are pretty in depth and difficult, while some of the others are simple enough that someone would probably have to be pretty drunk for them to work. With that said I did have a lot of fun testing out a few of them at home!

The app author also threw a little bit of a social aspect to it by allowing you to send in your location and a comment when you successfully use a trick! To view everyone else’s comments and their locations when they sent them all you have to do is touch the little globe icon in the upper right corner of the screen and you’ll be taken to a map.

While obviously there isn’t a whole lot to this app, it’s only $0.99, and it definitely had some interesting things to try out. Whether you really are a bar-hopper, or you just want some neat tricks to try out on your friends iDrink4Free is definitely an app to be taking a look at.

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