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iFindz is a new browser for the iPad, that is loaded with features. It helps you with work, school, and play while keeping everything private.

It’s the main feature, to me, is the ability to create user accounts. This protects your browsing privacy, as all your history, bookmarks, tabs, and notes, are all kept only on your profile. If your family is like mine, everyone wants to use the iPad to browse the web, and our 6 year old probably shouldn’t have full access to the internet. This way, we can log her in and she can just hit the tabs of the sites she’s allowed to visit. Each account is protected by a profile name and password.

A unique feature of iFindz, is the ability to send a message, or a “request”, to web content creators, without having to search for a contact page or an email. With a tap of a button, on any webpage,  you can send a request to the creator of that page. All requests are sent anonymously, and any replies will be sent to you, by iFindz. This is great for letting web developers know there may be errors on their site, requesting info on a product you might want to buy, or to submit content to someone’s blog.

iFindz makes looking back at your history, bookmarks, notes, requests, and responses, more engaging. iFindz adds images for everything you save. As long as you recognize the web pages you have visited, you can easily browse through your lists, and find what you’re looking for. A nice feature, especially for the kids who are still learning to read.

With the ability to add notes to any web page, iFindz becomes a great research tool. Either for school or for work, iFindz can be your essential tool for finding and saving important info for your next essay at school, or your next presentation at work. Notes can also be used to remind you why you were visiting a certain page.

I found iFindz for the iPad a great alternative to Mobile Safari, although not a replacement. There are many features in iFindz that I found useful. There are many other features not mentioned here, so you have to try this for yourself. It is a free app, so why not give it a try? You may use this in conjunction with Safari, to accomplish what you need to do. The big difference for me was the ability to have user accounts to keep your browsing private.

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