I’ve seen a variety of different filesharing services in the past, but this is the first legal one that I can remember seeing on a mobile device. LoKast is an app that is designed to allow you to stream music, view photos, and even video from people around you! The various files are streamed directly over the internet from their devices to yours!

When you open up LoKast for the first time you’ll be asked for your email address. This is a common thing with most filesharing services. You can choose to give them your email address or not, it’s completely up to you. It’s not that big of a deal though. They haven’t used the email I used to send any kind of spam or anything. It’s only used to identify you as a user, at least to my knowledge.

Once you enter your email you’ll be taken to a screen that is full of a variety of different tutorials to help you learn and optimize the settings for this app. If you’re familiar with sharing services, there’s nothing all that complicated. In fact the interface of this app is very simple compared to most desktop sharing software.

Now you’re ready to start sharing! You’ll notice that there are 5 little icons on the main screen. These different icons allow you to access pages for sharing music, pictures, video, contacts and website addresses. To share something all you have to do is open up the tab for it and touch the “+” button below. You’ll be given a variety of options for sharing the particular item that you chose. For example, with pictures you’ll be given the option to share from your photo library or take a new photo.

Sharing things is extremely easy. All you have to do is touch a person that you want to share from. Once you select a person from the list at the top you can then browse their available files using the same icons that you share files with. Opening one up is as easy as touching it.

The streaming music is excellent in quality over 3G, unfortunately there is no optimized stream for an Edge connection so you really can’t play music over Edge. With that said, even the video loaded quickly and was smooth over 3G! With all things considered I think I would much rather have smooth performance all around than support for Edge. If all you have where you live is Edge though, it could get old having to always look for a WiFi connection to use anything!

This app adds even more social depth to itself by integrating with Facebook and Twitter, and including seamless chat features! All of that said, an app like this is only going to be as strong as the base of users that it attracts, but I can definitely see the potential here. Even if you just like music you should download this app to check out the 50 free songs that are always available because they have been sponsored for this app! Whether you’re just curious or want to check out some music for free, this app is a great download. So check it out in the App Store today!

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