Magic Pictures HD – Living Pictures

The large display of Apple’s iPad is amazing for viewing photos. You can easily put your pictures on the device for viewing wherever you go, and share with your friends anytime. You can use the touch display to swipe through your photos, pinch to zoom, and more. Well, what if you could be more interactive with your photos? What if your pictures had sound, to further immerse you into that world? What if you could touch the photo and actually interact with the scene? Magic Pictures HD – Living Pictures, exclusively for iPad, does this.

Magic Pictures HD – Living Pictures allows you to truly interact with these great photos by Tobias Tomsch. The pictures have a kind of “Ken Burns” effect, with an overlay of “particles” that you can move around with the touch of your finger. Depending on the environment of the photo, you can move bubbles, raindrops, and more.

The audio added to the photos brings in a whole other level of immersion into each world. They sound like real life recording of the outdoors, in high quality, stereo sound.

Stunning photography

Discover the beauty of our planet. A wide range of areas is covered: From snowy Austrian mountains to South American flowers – This is natures best captured in over hundred pictures!

Living pictures

Technically they are called “particles”, we call them “fascination”. Sometimes they have the form of fireflies, that follow your finger, sometimes they are dreamy bubbles that you can catch, sometimes they are rain – just wipe those drops from your iPad. Every single picture has a particle system!

A complete experience

To make the experience even more immersive, we have included relaxing nature sounds to compliment each picture/particles combination. Listen to crickets while you chase dandelions or enjoy the soothing sound of wind chimes while you watch amazing mountain views. A perfect multimedia experience!

And many more features:

  • Use in landscape or portrait mode – The pictures scroll by!
  • Particles and sound can be switched on or off
  • Large clock (can be switched off)
  • Thumbnail navigation
  • Random or sequential slideshow
  • Gorgeous user interface
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