Math Pro

In a category that is perhaps overly dominated with games for young children, Larry Feldman has developed an app to help those that are struggling in their high-school math classes! This app is designed to not only help you get the right answers but to help you learn and understand what you’re doing as well!

When you open up Math Pro you’ll be presented with a list of Math classes to choose from. You’ll see that Math Pro covers everything from Algebra 1 up to Calculus. To get started just touch one of the math topics and you’ll see a list of information to choose from.

Some of the various screens that you’ll see are full of information on how a particular kind of problem works. Sometimes this is done by just filling the screen with text and diagrams, while other times there will be buttons that you can press to bring up pop-up boxes with more information.

There are also screens, such as the “Two Points” screen in the Algebra 1 section that have boxes that you can fill in to see the answer to a particular type of problem. All you have to do is fill in the boxes and then touch the “Graph” button to see the results immediately!

While I never took classes like Calculus in high school, from what I could tell the information in this app looked pretty accurate. While there is not really any “search” function, and sometimes it can be a little difficult to find the information you’re looking for, if you’re the kind of person that learns by example, this is an app that you really shouldn’t pass up!

While $1.99 may seem a little bit expensive by App Store standards, if this app is really able to help you get better grades I’m sure you’ll find that the purchase was worth it! There’s not a lot of “flash” to this app, but the information is there, and the interface is simple. So what are you waiting for? If you’re still reading this I’d encourage you to check out Math Pro today!

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