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Having a large list of contacts, however great, can be like a double-edged sword. For all of those times when you scroll through pages of numbers looking for someone, anyone, who can cover your shift or feed your dog, it’s great. When you are trying to find someone in a hurry, it’s awful! My Town Contacts is a relatively new iPhone app that features a one-touch dialing system for all of your most treasured numbers – conveniently located in one place and ready to use – no searching necessary.

My Town Contacts features 19 categories including Doctors, Pharmacy, Town Hall, Schools, Vet and other. If you have an important number that doesn’t fit into one of these categories, I would be really surprised. Contacts allows you to conveniently organize and store any important phone numbers and information so you are no longer searching through pieces of paper, emails or a gigantic contact list. MTC categorizes and stores each number and conveniently adds a phone button so calling is just a simple touch.

When you enter in your contact, you are given the following options for entering in information: Name, Numbers, Addresses, Email Addresses, Web Site and Notes – perfect for storing just about any information that you need. After you have entered in all of your contacts, exit the app and upon its reload, your new one-touch dialing option will be set up. In addition to calling, you will also have the option to email or visit the website, if you put this information into a contact.

I think what I loved best about this app was I no longer had to search through 47 names that started with A just to find what I was looking for. If you feel bad about having that delicious Mexican restaurant down the street in your contacts, don’t worry about it. My Town Contacts has a section for restaurants too. Breakfast burrito anyone?

Whether you are a new mom, an avid traveler, the most unorganized person in the world or the most organized person in the world, this app is for you. Car accident, medical emergency, refill a prescription? It’s all in this app – easy to use, easy to find. Download this app now. You won’t regret it until you realize you didn’t download it and you need to use it.

“This is an important app. I can’t imagine anyone being without it. Calls made within 3 seconds—essential in an emergency!” – Kenneth Sheptoff

Wake up in the middle of the night to a fire or the sound of a burglar? Don’t panic. Simply reach for your iPhone and ONE-TAP DIAL the fire or police department. No need to look up their numbers, because you already input them into My Town!

On a trip and worried because you can’t reach an elderly relative or parent, and you can’t remember their neighbor’s name? Don’t worry. You’ve already done the research and put it into My Town! Simply reach for your iPhone and ONE-TAP DIAL their neighbor or caretaker.

Don’t want to wait through annoying 911 or 411 automated calls to find emergency services numbers? You no longer have to wait. You’ve already been prompted to enter them in My Town!

At the airport and are afraid you might have left the stove on? ONE-TAP DIALING allows you to quickly reach a relative or the fire department.

On the way home and want to order take out from your favorite Chinese restaurant? You have that number too, at your fingertips.

My Town gathers in one place all the numbers and information you need to feel safe, secure, and totally together.

My Town is the fast, easy to use app where you keep in one central place all the most important telephone numbers in your life—the ones that could save your life and the ones you love.

As an added benefit, My Town makes your life easier by prompting you to add in information on your town: for the library, town hall, local pharmacy, and your favorite restaurants and stores. You even have an “Other” category to customize for your most personal priority numbers.

Whether in an emergency or simply for convenience, My Town’s ONE-TAP DIALING will give you peace of mind and a deep sense of security.

Remember to put it next to the Address Book icon on your home page so it is easy and quick to find when you need it!


  • one-tap calling
  • speed – you don’t have to waste precious time
  • safety – a central location for all emergency contact information
  • easy input
  • five stylish themes for you to choose from
  • peace of mind – a place you know you will find numbers you wouldn’t normally have in your address book
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