NBC Olympics on AT&T

It’s that time again already. In just a few days the Winter Olympics will be starting up and there will be all kinds of events from bobsled, to skiing going on again. The question now is how are you going to follow all your favorite events while still keeping up with your regular schedule? Well NBC and AT&T have come up with a solution for you in the form of an iPhone app, and it just received its first content in an update today!

When you open up the app you will start on the “Now” screen. This screen contains a combination of stories, photos and videos of what’s going on with the Olympics at the time. Since the Olympics haven’t officially started quite yet there is also a “Countdown to Vancouver” on this page as well that shows how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until the opening ceremonies!

The menu at the bottom of the screen has several different options. You can search through information by sports, schedules or favorites. The information is laid out well, and it looks like there will be a lot more information once the games actually get started. One of the best features of this app is the “Social” feature. You can link this app with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and actually interact with some of the athletes that are participating!

While the rest of the app is great, my favorite part is the “Schedules” screen. On this one screen you have quick access to not just when the events are actually happening, but also what time they are showing on TV, when you are available on the internet and the ability to look at times for events based on the sport you are interested in or the country you would like to follow! The information is easy to scan through and is detailed. However, I was not able to preview the online schedule just yet because it has not been released.

While time will tell just how often this app gets updated, and how good the information is, the interface is certainly very good! That combined with up to date schedules and even push notifications for your favorite sports makes this a must-have app for any sports fan! If you love the Olympics as much as I do but just don’t have the time to follow it sometimes there has never been a better solution than this app, so downloads it today!

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