Newsy for iPad

You may remember a while back when I reviewed the Newsy app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Well if you like staying up to date on all the latest news stories, and you have an iPad, Newsy has created an amazingly easy to use interface. The best thing is that even with the new interface and features, the app is still completely free!

When you open up Newsy for iPad you’ll begin on the “All” screen which will show you all the latest news stories on! There are two great interfaces in this app, one for landscape mode, and the other for portrait mode. The landscape mode feels a lot like the iPhone app. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see large thumbnails of videos. You can “swipe” through them to find one you want to watch. Once you do find one all you have to do is touch it to start playing!

On the left side of the screen is a bar full of filters that you can use to quickly find the types of stories that you’re most interested in. These filters range from Politics and World News to stories related to business and entertainment! Switching between filters is pretty seamless, and actually is surprisingly fast with the quality of the thumbnails that you see on the videos.

Now don’t get me wrong, the landscape interface is great, and it looks amazingly smooth. With that said, the portrait interface is by far my favorite in this app! Why do you ask? Well in portrait mode instead of getting a bunch of large thumbnail images on top of each other you get lots of small thumbnails in a grid format. This makes it extremely easy to quickly browse a large amount of content and find the stories that you find most interesting!

Another great thing about portrait mode is that at the bottom of the screen there’s a small empty window to create a list of videos to view. All you have to do is find the videos you’ve interested it, touch and hold on them for a second, and then drag them into the empty box. Once you have all of the videos that you want to see, all you have to do is touch play and it will automatically start playing the first video! After that video is done, it will display an image of the next video and show you a button to start playing the next video on your list!

Whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode, there are several options below the videos while they are playing. Not only can you view and post comments on the video, but you can actually read a full transcript of it while you watch! There are a few other options as well for viewing the “sources” for the current video and for sharing the video on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll notice a small search bar. This is really useful if you’re looking to see if there is a video related to a specific story. another great thing about the search feature is that it actually searches the entire library of stories on Newsy, and not just the most recent ones!

The only real problem I had with this app is that I had the video quit playing for me one time. Apparently, the developers are already aware of this bug though and are working to fix it. In the mean time they’re solution is to restart your iPad if/when you start having trouble playing video. When I did restart, I didn’t have any trouble playing videos once again!

If you are the kind of person that wants to stay updated on the latest stories, but you’re tired of just getting one point of view, Newsy for iPad might be just the thing you’ve been looking for! Not only do they report news from multiple points of view, but they bring it to you in a way that is extremely easy to digest, and that doesn’t require you to do hours of your own research to get the true story. so what are you waiting for? Head to App Store and download your free copy of Newsy for iPad today!

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