Pocket MBA Full Course

Are you in school studying for your MBA and still searching for that perfect study aid to help you with completing your degree? If that fits your description then you may find Pocket MBA Full Course (Part 1) an app would reading about.

This app is developed by Intersog and is similar to taking a course at your own pace. It is really nice, clean, in-depth, and does a great job of offering something for different learning styles.

First of all you’ll notice when you launch the app that it has a great interface to it. It defaults to the main menu, which lists out the different courses that you can choose from, with a brief summary of each one. From here you will pick the subject you are interested in studying and proceed to Launch that course.

Once you choose and go into a course you’ll see it’s even broken down into chapters. After that it goes into pre-course expectations, which I think is great, so you will know what to expect to learn from each chapter. In addition, if you look along the bottom you’ll see that they offer the chapter in modes to read the text, study through flash cards, and even to take an exam.

A few things worth noting about this app

  1. You can bookmark your progress or just any sections you would like to refer back to.
  2. You can search for topics throughout the app through a handy search button.
  3. There’s a handy glossary (specific to the application) so you can look up new words quickly and easily as you encounter them).
  4. The app is quick, smooth, really clean, and just overall very nicely laid out. You can tell the developer put a lot of time into fine tuning this application.

My thoughts? If you’re studying for your MBA and need a great tool to give you that motivation and push to do well then this app is definitely worth looking at. Yes, it’s pricey but so is your education, right? Those Master’s classes aren’t cheap, trust me I know!

If doing well and not repeating courses is important to you then this app may be worth the investment. It’s very nice, seems very in depth, and maybe what you need to give your education that extra boost, so check it out in the App Store today.

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