Tips for beginners Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes — role-playing mobile game with turn-based battles. Today it was downloaded more than 10 million players only on Android. The guide idle heroes creation circle that will be useful to the beginner.

As soon to a great hero

The first thing you need to register an account. There are two reasons in favor of registration. The first — saved progress, which will allow you to get back in the game at any time without loss of development and resources. Second — for the registration of the offered hero with 5 stars (OK). This will greatly help at the start.

Doing daily quests

You must complete all daily tasks. Despite the fact that in the beginning of the game will not have access to all jobs worth doing are available until, until all 10 jobs. The developers are quite generous: every day you can get 160 diamonds for free by completing bounties.

Go through the campaign as far as possible

One of the main tasks in the game — to pass the storyline campaign as far as possible. The higher the level, the better the loot. As a reward for story quests, you can get three things — gold, soul and experience.

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We go every 8 hours

The game has one feature — after 8 hours spent out of the game, the character stops to get gold and loot. So try to go as often as possible at the expiration of 8 hours, even if it is not possible to play. Simply pick up prey.

A lot of random

If you stuck on some level, it is not necessary to get upset and close the game. A lot depends on randomness, so you need to try to pass the level again. Play 10 battles. Maybe it’s a pretty boring approach, but the result will justify the effort.

Sometimes you have to retreat

If you can not get pass the plot forward, it is necessary to return to one of the levels with the number 5 (e.g., 2-5, 4-5 or 5-5). Usually at these levels sits the boss, victory over which you can get quality loot.

Be careful on the Market

Makes no sense to buy in store weapons and armor for diamonds or gold. Likely the best equipment will fall on one of the levels. Also, do not buy heroes for emeralds (they are pumping up to 5 stars would require a huge amount of gold).

First and foremost, you need to buy Casino Chips (chance to get pumped hero), tickets for Arena of heroes with gold.


Join an active Guild at the first opportunity. You need to study the profiles of the participants. For completing raids you will get the coins Guild. Next will be two ways on a choice: buy 5-star heroes (highly not recommended) or to invest in Guild technology.

The acquired technology will improve the performance of your heroes like in campaign and in battles against other players.

Is it worth it to upgrade heroes

If possible, you should upgrade heroes to 6 stars. However, not any character, it is advisable to pump up to max level, the more resources on all will not suffice. It is sometimes useful to ask the other players in the chat, is it worth to invest in certain characters — people in the know will tell you.

One of the strongest heroes are the Blades of faith and MIM. Get them a real chance. Do not spend money on the development of Aidan, Malas, OD-01, Dantalian and Kalmar. If at the start these characters are played well, as pumping enemies hand over their positions.

IMPORTANT: any new update might change the balance. Always keep an eye on the General chat to be aware of the changes.

Someone to pay attention

At the beginning of the game to develop those characters more interesting to play. The most optimal team composition on the first line of a tank and a killer. In the second line one more tank who will take the blows in case of death of the front panel. And then the place you should give a key to the heroes that deal damage, heal or stun opponents.

You should pay attention to the ClairvoyantSigmund and Kroos. Clairvoyant and Sigmund increase received by the enemy, and Kroos takes off enemy armor that will be useful in boss battles. So in the troop, it is desirable to have at least one of these characters. And as stated above — try to get the Blade of faith and Mima.

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